streaMed DVD™ provides a significant patient and consumer health education library of 400+ DVD ready videos (some are available in 9 languages) for use with standard DVD, DVD-Rom and TV/DVD combination players. Whether you would like a looping educational DVD for your waiting room or single title DVD for patient lending, wired.MD can meet your needs.

streaMed DVDs are based on your healthcare organization's needs and patient population. DVD discs can be delivered as either individual title selections or as a looping DVD. Looping DVDs place up to 9 different video titles onto a single disc that plays continuously for up to 60 minutes of viewing time without interruption.

streaMed DVDs are yours to own. For a single price, you can purchase DVDs for use in your clinic, practice, hospital or other healthcare organization. DVDs can be used on a single DVD player or computer at any given time and can be used to expand your educational reach via a lending program to patients as well.

streaMed DVD
  • 400+ on-demand videos
  • 9 different languages
  • Customized formatting
  • Free product shipping
  • Free customer support

  • Time savings
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Improved compliance
  • Quality of care

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